About Us/COVID Info

We are based out of Bentonville, Arkansas. The owner of Forged Concepts that daily drives his Dodge Challenger Scatpack, grew tired of not having any decent custom badge choices. This prompted him to begin Forged Concepts and enter the custom badge game head first!

Forged Concepts was established on February 1st, 2019 and is already creating a huge impact in the car community with our custom art badges! We have even been featured on 1320’s YouTube videos, just days after starting our business!

So if you'd like something completely outside the box and didn’t know where to begin, let me work with you to create a badge that is truly one of a kind!


Forged Concepts is a small, one man shop but is very popular worldwide. I appreciate all the support for this amazing hobby.


All work is done in the manner it is received. We never keep items stocked on any shelves. Each order is considered custom, whether or not it was custom drawn by our designer or if it was an item you purchased from our inventory. We strive to be as quick as we can, what helps us is our high grade equipment that is state of the art and is the fastest, most accurate machine on earth!

We are very fast, but please keep in mind that we’re a small custom shop and custom orders are unpredictable so it can take anywhere between days and up to 8 weeks to coil let’s your order. Additionally, we do not supply mounting options such as 3M. We recommend 3M VHB for all installations especially on a grille.


We are open during COVID19, however, some delays may occur that are our of our control. We haven’t had too many delays thus far but have had a few issues, especially with clear materials as the entire globe is seemingly using clear acrylic for covid barriers and it’s become hard to get delivered on time. Thanks for understanding during this crisis. Orders may take up to 8 weeks but are typically less time.