About Us/Terms and Conditions

We are based out of Bentonville, Arkansas. The owner of Forged Concepts that daily drives his Dodge Challenger Scatpack, grew tired of not having any decent custom badge choices. This prompted him to begin Forged Concepts and enter the custom badge game head first!

Forged Concepts was established on February 1st, 2019 and is already creating a huge impact in the car community with our custom art badges! We have even been featured on 1320’s YouTube videos, just days after starting our business!

So if you'd like something completely outside the box and didn’t know where to begin, let us work with you to create a badge that is truly one of a kind!

 Business Days

We are open three days a week. Those days are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. We manufacture all day on those three days, And on Wednesday and Friday we work remotely as we use those days to design custom orders on the computer and do not manufacture those days. We are closed on the weekends. For instance, if your order states that it takes 14 days to fulfill, We only count Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays as business days Since we are not in the shop Wednesday and Fridays.

Our policy states that once an order is placed it cannot be refunded for Any reason as each order is considered a custom order whether it’s a custom badge or not, as each order is made just for you. 

No exceptions to refund any order.  If you have an issue definitely bring it to our attention and we’ll try to help resolve any issues with you but an order cannot be refunded but only replaced if there is a valid reason we feel it should be replaced. 

Right To Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at anytime without providing reason. Additionally, We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order without providing reason. In the event an order is canceled, you will be refunded in Full. 


Although all payments are paid upfront through our website, some trusted customers that wish to repurchase extra items after they have already made a purchase through the site are given the opportunity to pay through an alternative payment such as paypal to add-on items. If any alternative payments through this method are delinquent, a service/delinquency charge of $75 will be added and will be forwarded to HF Holdings Credit Services if you fail to make arrangements with us after repeated attempts to collect payment through us have been made. To cut down on this from happening, we no longer will manufacture extra add on items until after payment has been made in full toward the extra items that have been requested.


Erroneous Chargeback Fees

Believe it or not, we have had a few instances where customers have attempted a chargeback with their banks claiming they have not received our product though shipping/tracking services indicate otherwise. We keep a very well documented Paper trail on all transactions as we want to ensure all of our customers receive the amazing products they paid for and can prove delivery to all provided addresses. Erroneously filing a chargeback fee when documentation proves that the item was in fact delivered to the address on file creates unnecessary labor for us to have to stop what we are doing to dispute with your bank and puts the burden on us trying to prove that we did ship your product, therefore, a $75 Erroneous Chargeback Fee will be applied and submitted to HF Holdings Credit on top of the amount you have erroneously claimed in the chargeback. We want nothing but a fun, positive transaction with all of our customers but unfortunately out of the THOUSANDS of customers all over the globe we’ve had a small handful of customers attempt to receive an item for free by filing a false claim with their bank which is why we keep excellent records of all transactions. Of course if you feel you have NOT received an item, communicate with us so we can help you look into the matter as each transaction ships with USPS insurance so in case of a lost/damaged package it will ALWAYS be covered and we will always ensure that you get the item you ordered no matter what. Successfully Closing out the initial Chargeback we will terminate the HF Holdings Collections Agency opened against you for Erroneously filing a chargeback.



Items on this website, unless otherwise stated, displayed in conjunction with or involving the use of any recognized trademark or copyright, are not represented as being approved by or affiliated with their respective owners, nor or they represented as being available for purchase. Images found on this website are for informational display purposes only. Any person submitting a request for such items, will be asserting themselves to have express permission from the mark owning company.