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Aggressive Black Bees

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Two black bees. 
Badges do NOT include adhesive. Only upgraded color badges include adhesive. You will need to provide your own adhesive for all engraved badges such as this item. 


These badges can stick to anything with a flat surface. It’s not designated for any specific vehicle type. Can be used for any surface with a flat area. These are just initials and not intended to represent any vehicle brand or the likes of any specific vehicle. If you simply like these initisls and want to stick to your home, office, vehicle, etc it will stick to any flat surface. The initials represent anything you want them to represent such as your name, family member name, favorite band etc. It does not represent any manufacturers branding and is simply just individual letters that have been split apart into the hands of the bees and can represent anything you’d like at a personal level. Stick it to a toilet, stick it to a Prius, whatever the application it will look great! 😎