Badges 4 Buddies (4 total badges) - Forged Concepts
Badges 4 Buddies (4 total badges) - Forged Concepts
Badges 4 Buddies (4 total badges) - Forged Concepts
Badges 4 Buddies (4 total badges) - Forged Concepts

Badges 4 Buddies (4 total badges)

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Badges 4 Buddies Program. Buy a set of custom Badges, RECEIVE a 2nd Set FREE! Badges can be separate designs for each piece. Badges cannot be anything large such as a hood prop and must be no longer than 8 inches in length for shipping purposes.


Badges CAN be separate designs from one another. Full color badges are finally here after lots of requests. Full color badges are amazing badges with typically 1/8 thick to 1/4 thick modified acrylic material.  

If you have multiple photos, simply checkout and obtain your order number.

You can email with your order number in the subject line. Please include all photos and instructions you’d like on each badge. If you have not checked out, do NOT email this address unless your order is paid for.

Simply place the order and submit photos (preferably) to us, or describe the design to us if you have no photos.

Once we arrive to your order number, we will begin drawing and will submit the artwork to you for your cutting approval. Once you approve the design, we will schedule a cut day and will provide photos prior to the item shipping to ensure your satisfaction. Prior to covid It typically took 1-3 weeks from the date of purchase until the item shipped out. It just depends on the nature of each custom order placed ahead of your order, but we work very fast! 

Since the start of covid. We’ve unfortunately experienced delays. We experienced a tragic fire days before Christmas 2020 which destroyed our equipment. We were closed down for 1.5 months but are now fully operational with brand new equipment. This has unfortunately set us back a bit in production but we’re back to full operation and should catch up soon. While we’ve successfully recovered from the fire, being down an entire month during the busiest time of the year has added to our workload which may delay the order one month or so. Please understand that we didn’t plan for this tragedy but that we are super close to catching up on all orders. Nothing stands in our way at this point! Thanks for understanding - Forged Concepts

All items are designed and cut in the order they are received. No returns or refunds on any custom orders. Once you checkout, this reserves your place in line and a designer will reach out to once he gets to your ticket to go over the renders for you to approve.


Badges can be any size so long as it’s 8 inches or under at this price point. For larger items, please reach out and we can price that out accordingly.


Please do not order if you cannot wait the 12 week processing period. No exceptions  no excuses. This is very crucial you understand this due to high order volumes.

When you checkout; you will be issued a 4 digit order number. It takes approx 12 weeks to arrive to that order number from the date of purchase due to very high order demand as the entire globe is anxious to get the high quality badges that you will only find here at Forged Concepts. We personally invented this style of customs and they were never made like this until we came along. We’re still a small growing company but we have lots of excited customers ordering every single day so we Approximate at this current time that it will take about 12 weeks to arrive to a custom order. The moment we arrive to the order, we will email you to begin the design phase. You will receive full color renders with sizes to approve for final production. We NEVER cut any order until you are happy with the render. The wait is DEFINITELY worth it, and we strongly urge you to not place any orders unless you are willing to wait the waiting period. We look forward to getting our customs in your hands!



ALL BADGES REQUIRE 3M adhesive. We do NOT include adhesive but recommend 3M VHB  



PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT ONCE YOU CHECKOUT, IT IS FINAL. NO EXCEPTIONS! We are not a Bank where you can deposit and withdrawal funds as you please. We are a business that makes badges, not a financial center  that holds onto your money until you decide you need it. ONLY PURCHASE IF YOU ARE SERIOUS. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE HONORED. IF there is an issue with an order, of course we will take care of it, but we will not honor any refunds outside of that. ZERO EXCEPTIONS!!! 


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